May 1, 2009

Twitter Update II (or the killing of a Killer App)

I am normally very careful with predictions about Internet but the one I made about Twitter (according to many the Next Killer App ) seems to be right. In three posts ( 1, 2, 3) I explained my aversion for this application as a personal "micro-blog" despite the enthusiastic reaction of the wise crowd.
In my last post about the subject after explaining that the only way Twitter can survive is to become a personalized advertising medium I wrote: " I am very interested how this form of "interactive" marketing will develop, in any case I find it much more interesting than the storm of tweets from friends and "friends" on their daily activities. I think most Twitter users will be soon tired from it".

What I predicted seems to happen faster than I thought. Even celebrities are getting tired of it, (Oprah did not send a tweet for 4 days!!!) or they found other interesting things to do in the meantime. Google or someone else most probably will take it over. Will Twitter survive as a mass customized promotion medium (what is the only possible option)? Let's wait and see.