April 21, 2009

Twitter Update

Following my two previous posts I decided to keep a close look to developments around the Twitter fad. Events in the field tend to support my theory that Twitter will finally survive but as a commercial tool rather than an interpersonal social network as it was originally launched. I see more and more businesses, TV hosts, actors, news networks and other commercial parties using it as a personalized mass medium!!
In the mean time a new marketing function emerges: The TWINTER. Pizza Hut will hire them soon: According to BizReport "Responsibilities will include sharing company insights and experiences via social media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and YouTube plus working on PR programs. Twinterns will also be expected to attend ad shoots, marketing meetings and other corporate events while keeping an eye out for quirky content to share with fans."

I am very interested how this form of "interactive" marketing will develop, in any case I find it much more interesting than the storm of tweets from friends and "friends" on their daily activities. I think most Twitter users will be soon tired from it.