November 13, 2015

Although the driverless car is an example of incredible engineering of ambient technologies I still wonder what the target market of this product is. Blind people or people who hate driving can be possible customers. I am afraid this will be maybe another example of a product developed without any concern of potential market (product orientation in marketing terminology). I see though more potential in this technology used in replacing train or metro drivers maybe city bus drivers or even airline pilots. Not that this type of cars will be unsafe but rather because I cannot imagine that people who like driving will ever buy a product like this. 
The marketing history indicates that many products that were developed with technology only in mind failed the market test or ended up as something different than they meant to be. This is the destiny of the driverless car I am afraid. After all people who hate driving have other alternatives for travelling.
In any case the driverless car almost got its first traffic ticket