May 24, 2010

Quitting FACEBOOK: The new hype?

Last week I quitted my FACEBOOK account without much pain since I never really liked it (see previous post). But I am not the only one: It seems that the arrogant attitude of Mark Zuckerberg starts paying off and massive exodus from FACEBOOK accounts is going on for some days now. Everywhere you read about closures of accounts , the first online actions like Quit Facebook Day are already a fact and I have the feeling that FACEBOOK will fell also victim of blog swarms and viral actions that have been also main contributors to its success.
Will FACEBOOK disappear from the face of the web in the zenith of its success? Difficult to make such a prediction considering the millions of users addicted to it. Whether Facebook will follow the fait of Second Life will depend on the reaction of the user and the success of new initiatives in the social networking domain like DIASPORA or others to come with a reliable alternative meeting the wishes of users regarding privacy and respect.