May 15, 2009

Social Media Addiction: the other side of the coin

In a previous post talking about the negative aspects of the Twitter fad I wrote: "One matter of concern should be what the effect of Twitter addiction can be on working peoples' productivity. It would be interesting to see a study about such effects". On May 14 Michael Arrington of the top technology blog Techcrunch seems to have some similar concerns. In his post "Do Any Of You People Actually Work?" he wonders whether some people have time to do the work they are paid for, while being so active in all kinds of social networks. The study on the effects of Twitter / social media adiction I propose in my post is also there, even in a non-scientific form: The poll at the bottom of the post indicates that 53% of the social Media consumers waste between 1-5 hours and 15 % 10-15 hours on the Internet every day! For the sake of the employers I hope that these wasted hours are not office hours!