March 1, 2009

New Marketing and a new generation of Marketers

While this use to be quite an exception until 2 years ago more and more often I supervise BA and MSc graduation assignments of Business Administration Students in our faculty related to the role of the New Media (and recently increasingly of the Social Media / Web 2.0). More and more business realize that marketing is changing and this is reflected in assignments they offer to marketing students. The development is very positive indicating that businesses begin to take the Internet and E-Marketing seriously. One example of such a MSc graduation thesis was the one written by my student Rene Borggreve (left in the photo with me in the middle and my colleague Dr. Mehmet Aydin right in the lobby of Harvard Business School in Boston during the faculty study trip to the US in 2005) who recently graduated on a thesis dealing with the subject of using Web 2.0 as marketing tool in launching a product of a big multinational (where Rene already works). It was en excellent piece of work that made me proud for the quality of students our faculty delivers. Rene and an increasing number of his colleagues represent a new generation of marketers that understand the role of the New Media as part of the marketing strategy and will shape the way marketing is applied in practice.