February 24, 2009

Back to blogging

Fifteen days without a post is something that my regular readers are not used to. The explanation is simple: One week ski vacation (without the laptop) that ended up with an accident and a knee injury followed by an operation the same day return to Holland in an ambulance flight after 3 days. This unhappy end of the vacation had also a little bright side namely that I was in a place where rescuers, the local hospital and doctors work with a high degree of professionalism when dealing with this kind of injuries since such situations are their daily bread and butter. I have only good words for the rescue team that took me from the mountain and the doctors and personnel of the Bludenz hospital for their help and quality of work.
At home now for at least the next two weeks, a very tight physiotherapy program and a deadline for finishing a paper on 31 of March among the immediate priorities. After spending the first two days of my sickness leave working on the backlog of the week vacation I will try to get back to a more normal rhythm of life where the blog will get again the attention it deserves.