April 21, 2013

Departure to Athens For Eurotrip 2013: Free Wifi in the airport

Just arrived in the departure terminal of Schiphol Airport for the trip to Athens. Our Eurotrip 2013 students are already there and seem to have (at least some of them) a nice view to Acropolis from their rooms.
The Wifi in the area I sit is overloaded at the moment but fortunately I can use my smartphone as station; you can get 1 hour internet connection for free in the airport so it seems that everyone is using this possibility at the moment. I must say that more and more businesses in the hospitality sector realize now how important is free internet access for their customers. This is something different than even 5-6 years ago when such free online access was very limited in public spaces and you had to pay 10 Euro per day in the hotel to get a slow internet connection through a cable.

The overload system at this moment here in Schiphol indicates that some extra capacity is needed in busy areas but I am sure the airport will listen to some complaints about it and react. I will send a tweet also soon.
For the rest nice weather here, in Athens seems to be a nice weather too, only much warmer!