October 9, 2012

Co-Innovation: The customer as innovation motor White Paper

INNOVATION IS A WAY OF FULFILLING changing customer needs by developing new and better solutions; it is also one of the most extensively discussed issues in the academic literature and field practice. Innovation has been identified as a necessary condition for survival and growth in an ever changing global world. Many corporations have based their market success on a continuous and consistent market leadership based on their innovative power and potential: IBM, Apple, Intel, Amazon and Google are well known pioneers in their markets. Under increasing competition and market pressure the innovation process has been subject to important transformation during the last 30 years; from being traditionally a “closed’, internal process, based on internal organizational expertise and structures (R&D, New Product Department, New product Management etc.) the innovation process is increasingly becoming externally oriented. Chesbrough (2003) popularized the trend of externalizing the innovation process by engaging innovation partners in what he called the Open Innovation model...  Read the rest in my new White Paper by downloading it in the SOMERE.nl web site or clicking to the New Publications--->