March 27, 2012

Bloggers Beware: Consumers’ Trust Is on the Wane

"Consumer trust in bloggers remained low in 2011, with only 26 percent indicating that they trusted the advice and opinions found in blogs. Additionally, 86 percent of consumers question the truthfulness of a post written by a blogger who has received a free sample in exchange for writing a review. Although consumers continue to rely heavily on the Internet to inform purchasing decisions, bloggers are struggling to achieve the credibility of other online sources. We ponder whether a credible third party can provide the level of authority previously reserved for journalists in traditional media. Credible bloggers clearly exist, as indicated by the massive following some of them enjoy. However, the sheer number of bloggers online highlights the need for a way to differentiate and portray credibility."
Source: Understanding the Role of the Internet in the lives of consumers, 2012 Digital Influence Index, Annual Global Study, Fleishman -  Hillard

A post that attracted my attention yesterday. Are we bloggers facing a credibility crisis? Only 26% of the online public is trusting our opinions and advice? Has blogging become too mainstream? Or is much nonsense posted? Interesting questions and maybe time for some research here.