September 7, 2009

Is Mashable more influential than the CNN?

Did you ever thought that MASHABLE can be more influential than the CNN? This is the case at least if we define the  influence on the basis of Twitter-created networks. An interesting study titled The Influentials: New Approaches for Analyzing Influence on Twitter, created measures for relative influence, analysing 12 influential Twitter users.  Authors: Alex Leavitt, Evan Burchard, David Fisher and Sam Gilbert (Web Ecology Project, 2 September 2009)
Summary of Findings

The analysis suggests that on Twitter, among various configurable conclusions:
> Mashable is more influential than CNN.
> Sockington is more influential than MCHammer, while MCHammer is more influential than three major social media analysts (garyvee, Scobleizer, and chrisbrogan).
> Celebrities with higher follower totals (eg., THE_REAL_SHAQ and ijustine) foster more conversation than provide retweetable content.
> News outlets, regardless of follower count, influence large amounts of followers to republish their content to other users.