December 2, 2008

When the Old Media Meet the New

It is encouraging to see that slowly the old media, one of the main victims of the Web, learn to turn the Web and more specifically the Social Media threat into a strategic opportunity by endorsing them as part of their marketing toolbox. Those who follow my publications and blog posts know that this is what my recent research is all about. I am glad to say that talking to either colleagues or practitioners I see that this issue is steadily gaining interest.
The New York Times is good example of an old media business that uses the Social Media very successfully as part of its campaign to increase brand awareness and customers. Their recent Facebook venture is a big success according to the Nieman Journalism Lab. I found very interesting that the NYT concluded that the campaign netted “4,3 times the value of the spend” while it quadrupled the NYT fan figures.

Hopefully those still skeptical about the New Marketing will think again