March 25, 2008

A link to Web 3.0 ? Online advisors

For Internet users finding the right information or the right product online is not always easy. As we know the information overload is often more confusing than helping. Search engines offer usually a partial solution, finding the most relevant items based on their popularity rather than on our actual needs. Shop bots or other product-ranking methods often recommend products based on very few criteria, the price and location being usually the most important ones .

An interesting change in this direction comes from a new generation of search tools often described as Online Advisors. is such an example. Based on successive and easy to use questionnaires the customer is presented unbiased and easy to compare recommendations. This advisor site started a few years ago with purchasing assistance in one category of products (autos) and is now offering advice in five different product categories.

Is it maybe a prelude of what Web 3.0 will look like? In any case it is interesting to try it.